Pay dues immediately, allows us to quit without notice period: Air India pilots

The short period is just six months.

Whilst the federal government works outside that the methodologies to the selling of this federal company, '' the Commercial Pilots' Association (ICPA) has warned they are in no place to do the job amid doubt across the airline long run.
Citing the doubt across the air line's near future, the group requested the ministry to make certain they"usually are treated just like bonded labor and also enable us to stop Air India with out functioning the note span and transparent our blessings instantly".
In accordance with the correspondence they truly are to obtain the most traveling allowance for oct.

". . .your announcement that when Air India isn't privatised from 31st March 20 20 afterward Air India is going to be closed , really is an issue of problem," the letter claimed.
"we don't aspire to handle precisely the exact same destiny as the other employees of all 2 1 personal carriers who have closed down along with farther increase the climbing unemployment in India,''" the correspondence, dated December 2 3, '' said.

"we've been coping with doubt for that last 2 -3decades, also consequently, quite a few personnel have defaulted in the loan as well as different obligations.  That has tremendously influenced our careers and also our own families," it included.
At an warning,'' the group claimed,"our patience is running lean and also we come in no place to keep on dealing together with doubt looming high at Air India".

The ICPA also has questioned for clearing off their valid dues with no additional delay.

Air India includes a debt load of over 58,000 crore.

The group represent not exactly 800 Air India pilots that fly lean human anatomy airplanes.

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