Free WiFi now at 5,500 railway stations

"The assignment is always to supply wi fi whatsoever rail channels (apart from that the block kinds ).  RailTel has roped in spouses such as Google, ta ta rely on, PGCIL for several regions of the undertaking and got backing in the division of Telecom USOF to get 200 channels.  Wi fi will be provided below the newest name Railwire -- that the retail broadband agency of RailTel,''" explained Puneet Chawla,'' CMD of all RailTel.
Back in October 20-19 an overall full of 1.5 crore consumer log ins from RailWire wi fi services around all channels consuming 10242TB of info has been listed, Chawla explained.

Even the Railways commenced the support of delivering completely free wi fi in its own channels by January 20-16 in Mumbai Central channel, also at a period of 4 6 months, even RailTel has expanded the assistance into 5,500 channels around the nation.
Jharkhand's Mahuamilan channel, that is located underneath the Eastcentral Railway zone,'' has now come to be the 5,500th channel to find the centre, '' it also said.

The Railways has furnished no cost wi fi in 5,500 channels around the nation, the federal transporter's electronic arm RailTel explained on Friday.

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