Bharat Bachao Rally LIVE: Priyanka Mocks 'Modi Hai Toh Mumkin Hai' Slogan at Mega Congress Rally

 The demonstration rally stems following a crippling Financial downturn and raging protests to the Other Side of the North East and also in West Bengal within the Citizenship Amendment Act.  Delhi Congress president Subhash Chopra has promised that in excess of 50,000 folks from town may participate in this demonstration.

- shooting a peek PM Modi,'' Priyanka claims that legislation have been handed which can be still unsolved, speaking to this current Citizenship Amendment Act that has sparked violent clashes from north east and West Bengal.
- Chidambaram, former Union fund and residence minister, additionally coached firearms on fund ministry Nirmala Sitharaman.  'Even the ministers are fully oblivious.  The fund ministry stated'what is fine.  We are at the very top of this planet'. 

-"When we continue to be quiet, our radical Constitution is going to undoubtedly be destroyed as well as region's branch begins," states Priyanka in Congress rally on market and Declaration Act.
- Stepping the assault on PM Modi,'' Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra claims in 6 decades of Modi authorities that the market has tanked.   "Our market has been growing at an interest speed which the globe turned their focus to us,'' however in 6 decades of Modi authorities, our market has awakened, folks are still losing work, factories have been shutting down," she states.
- One of the earliest to ever deal with rally is older pioneer Chidambaram, that had been released on bond earlier this month after shelling out at least a hundred days at Tihar Jail from the INX Media circumstance.  "In half an hour, the Narendra Modi government has fully surpassed the market.  There's a single awful thing daily," claims Chidambaram.

- Evoking her dad's memory when referring to Unnao rape sufferer, that had been burnt alive with the rape accused,'' Priyanka claims she had been educated of her daddy Rajeev Gandhi's"bloodied human anatomy" if she fulfilled with the sufferer.  "The bloodstream vessels of this man's girl has combined together using the nation, substantially as though that my dad blood," she states.

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